Abortion Care


ased on the principals of excellence, compassion, integrity and service, The Women’s Medical Center of Rhode Island provides quality, safe, accessible reproductive healthcare.

Through our unwavering commitment to women’s reproductive choice, we work towards a world that values and supports all women,
and the choices they make for themselves and their loved ones.

REMINDERS: MUST bring a valid photo ID & insurance card (will not be seen without it)
NO food or drink after midnight before your procedure-NO mints, gum or smoking.
NO recreational drugs, alcohol, or Aspirin products for 48 hours before procedure.
NO makeup, nail polish, jewelry, or body lotion.
If nails are long, or you have gels or acrylics: trim/remove one finger on right hand to monitor vitals during your procedure.
Remove ALL piercings.
Shower the morning of your procedure dressing comfortably.
Bring only ONE escort with you (anesthesia patients must make arrangements for a ride home–cannot drive after procedure)
NO children, food/drink, cell phone use or large bags/backpacks are allowed inside the center.

Services available from Women’s Medical Center of Rhode Island include: